Foto: Mica Zeitz | Jung und Wild design

Germaine & Peter

Blumen Bräutigam | Accessoires Hochzeit | Strauß & Fliege
Foto: Mica Zeitz | Jung und Wild design

Tobias has given us an unforgettable bi-lingual ceremony (DE/EN).

Both of us, as well as all our (inter)national guests, have really enjoyed how Tobias took everyone on a journey through ‚our‘ story.

Simply complete, no repetitions, with humour and being spot on with many details that made a story into „our“ story.

Despite Corona, and also us living outside Germany, we have been able to connect via several online calls and also met in person once. Above that Tobias has connected with some of our close friends to dig up all juicy details that fit to our character and tells our story in a way we could not have imagined better.

We have talked to a few Trauredners and after talking to Tobias we knew the right click was there. An open person that is very easy to talk to and someone that has the experience to guide with entertainment an international audience.

All by all, Tobias has been the perfect fit for us with his positive, social and humourful ways, we can definitely recommend him