Foto: Privat

Sab & Mav

Marina Lessig ist freie Traurednerin bei Strauß & Fliege
Foto: Privat

Dear Marina,

It was a wonderful wedding day with you. Because of your spontaneous and relaxed way we felt in spite of our short-term request very comfortable with you. Obviously you got years of experience.

The interviews in advance to our day were the best preparation for the most beautiful day of our life. And even though our conversations were only on the phone – because we were on another continent – it was like you sitting next to us on our sofa.

The ceremony was unique and touching. Our families and guests were very moved. The german-english speech was well done and full of varieties, so it was always interesting for both sides. You manage to unite humor and philosophical profundity to give our wedding that certain something.

Thank you for being our ceremony speaker!

Mav and Sab