Foto: René Löffler

Twyla Weixl

Bilinguale Traurednerin München | Freie Trauung mit Twyla Weixl | Strauß & Fliege
Foto: René Löffler


English Canadian,
at home in Munich

zwei Heimaten,
zwei Kulturen =
mehr Perspektiven,
doppelt so viel Spaß

of graphic novels

occasional mermaid,
constant cyclist,
eternal optimist

grows grapes,
devours books,
films and series

relaxes with
baking muffins,
sewing, knitting

hugged by
Beatle George

Kurzvorstellung: Bilinguale Traurednerin Twyla Dawn Weixl aus München

Hello, young lovers of all ages and flavours…

The story of your love is waiting to be told, with heart, wit and warmth. I’d love to tell it!

I’m a Munich-based Canadian mother, wedding speaker, writer, artist, language trainer, and drawing coach. I create and present wedding speeches in English – oder in Englisch und Deutsch – ich freue mich auch auf zweisprachige Hochzeiten.

To reach the heart of your unique story, we’ll meet in person for an in-depth conversation. Imagine we’re sitting around a glowing campfire. In the trust and warmth generated by our shared commitment to your story, you and your partner can relax, reflect and share what matters most to you about each other.

The essence of our conversations flows into my wedding speech for you. I’ll describe who you’ve been and who you are becoming as a couple – what your marriage means to you. I’ll present this speech to you and your guests in an eloquent and entertaining blend of seriousness and humour. 

My two homes and two cultures = more perspectives and double the fun!

Having lived on 11 air force bases on two continents in the 1950s and 1960s, I’ve encountered vivid contrasts in climate, culture and communication styles: icy northern Canada, post-war Germany and France, technicolour California. Adapting to change quickly was vital!

Growing up as the daughter of a nurse and a Starfighter pilot, I’ve experienced many shades of dedication, conformity and freedom. Naturally, I revelled in the experimental vibes of the 1970s, which brought road trips with friends across Canada and Europe, getting “back to the land” in hippie communes, questioning everything, flipping pancakes in diners, delivering mail through hip-high snow, wrangling actors’ kids in a travelling theatre troupe, studying film animation in Montreal…all the while writing and drawing my experiences.

And then, a fateful romantic visit to Munich in 1979 – and I’m still here! Nun habe ich zwei Heimaten. Welches Glück!

Why have I made Munich my home-away-from-home? So many good reasons. Es ist so schön!

I dove into exciting work here, drew in-betweens for animation studios, then took a giant leap onto the special effects team which created the fantasy creatures for The Neverending Story I, at Bavaria Studios. My joy in collaborative work blossomed further when I was hired as the production designer for the weekly TV hit music show, Formel Eins. Working behind the scenes in film and TV taught me to look beneath the surface, where often the most interesting stories unfold…

Looking beyond the surface for a stronger connection

Looking deeply became even more essential while I studied art education and English didactics, followed by many years of working with international students in schools, universities and in businesses. Building an honest connection is my primary goal in all areas of work. (And if work doesn’t include some genuine laughs, for me, it’s incomplete.)

I’m sure I learn as much from my students as they learn from me. Combining my two creative passions, I am currently writing and illustrating a series of autobio-based fictional graphic novels set in Canada and Germany. Happily, I’ve been mentored by some great comic professionals and now mentor young comic artists and writers myself, which gives me much pleasure – the kids are so playful and inventive!

Giving back whatever I can to upcoming generations is deeply satisfying to me.

Now back to you, and a question…

Isn’t marriage an expedition to the source of life: a deep relationship, sustained by love?

There is no destination more important for human happiness. Aber Ihr wisst das ja bereits.

You’ve chosen each other as the best possible companion for exploring this new emotional terrain in your lives. This sometimes overwhelming journey can be made easier (and more fun!) with the help of an experienced guide, a wedding speaker, who helps you navigate the best route through your wedding preparation jungle. Your decision to work with me gives you the certainty that your ceremony is in good hands. As your dedicated wedding speaker, I generate and keep track of all the input needed for a meaningful and entertaining speech – the heart of every wedding.

Together we’ll venture into an “expeditionary partnership” and step-by-step, map out a personalised ceremony which includes your music choices, my speech, your vows, and wishes from family and friends. Our compass on this journey is the growing trust and openness we’ll share, that will lead to an emotionally fulfilling wedding day, in which you two are surrounded by joyful celebration and the love, tears and laughter of your near ones and dear ones.

(Hey, if I’d known about how a wedding speaker keeps everyone calm and focused during the wedding ceremony, I’d gladly have had one at mine … because we had a desperate last-minute venue change and a dance band that arrived too early, raided the bar and toasted us loudly all through our ceremony. My husband and I spent more time putting out fires than being wholly present for each other on that once-in-a-lifetime day – which is the whole point, right?! )

These are just some events in a life-long series of unexpected challenges that has given me the chance to develop two very effective coping strategies: 1. gracefully minimise the fallout and carry on, or…  2. salute the catastrophe – and celebrate it with humour.

Now you know something about me …

Now you know who you’d be entrusting your story to when you decide to hire me as your wedding speaker. Rest assured, I’ll respect and take the best possible care of your story.

Informed and inspired by our open-hearted connection, I’ll weave all these treasures into an entertaining and moving wedding speech, a speech which will make your story shine on your wedding day – and far beyond. Let’s create something beautiful together.

Videoportrait: Traurednerin Twyla aus München

Erfahrt in diesem Videoclip mehr über unsere bilinguale Traurednerin Twyla. Gewinnt einen ersten Eindruck, wie Twyla nicht nur den „Heimatspagat“ schafft sondern auch eine ganz persönliche Trauzeremonie rund um das Brautpaar gestaltet.

Sei die/der Erste, die/der den Beitrag teilt!

Referenzen zu den Trauungen mit Twyla Weixl

  • Saskia & Harry

    bilinguale Freie Trauung Rednern Twyla in München | Strauß & Fliege
    Foto: privat

    It was a perfect weekend. I am still in awe, how amazing it was. Even with the little unplanned developments (flowers 😊).

    The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, Twyla. Thank you so much!

    My first thought, when I sat down was „maybe we should have done it completely in English“, but that was just me experiencing it and understanding both languages. I got the feedback later from both my dad and my grandfather (but also other German relatives), that they really liked and enjoyed the speech. But they could only follow the German version. So we did the right thing.

    But also our friends, who understand both languages said, they enjoyed the division.

    And lastly the feedback from Harry’s family was, that they would have felt strange and even a bit guilty, if the speech would have been only in English. They liked hearing, how the German sounded. 😊

    So it was, how we had hoped for. Everyone could follow the speech and the paragraphs were timed really well. We all enjoyed the stories you picked.